Here are some StarCraft maps I've created with my DOS program SCLABGEN. The program generates labyrinths with only one possible way to walk between any two positions in the labyrinth. Maps like these are impossible to create with StarEdit, Blizzards standard map editing tool.

Amazing Turret Defence 1.0 Amazing Turret Defence 1.0.scx
This is the original ATD that started it all.
64x64 200 KB
(5)Labyrinth.scm (5)Labyrinth.scm 256x256 92 KB
(6)Labyrinth.scm (6)Labyrinth.scm 256x256 88 KB
(7)Labyrinth.scm (7)Labyrinth.scm 256x256 89 KB

These are two maps created with StarEdit. Great for long games.

(8)Moria.scm 256x256 227 KB
(8)WaterWorld.scm 256x256 127 KB