Thereze is a boardgame playing program for Windows (95, 98, NT). In this beta version, Thereze is neither fast nor strong, and can only play Othello (Reversi). The future versions might include games like Four-in-a-row, Kalaha, Gomoku (Five-in-a-row), Renju (and maybe even Go). The game is free, but I'd like you to send comments and/or bugreports. You can also sign up for future releases of free software from Lyncon.

Installation instructions:

1. Download
2. Extract all files into a temporary directory.
3. Run the extracted program SETUP.EXE

Known issues:
1. The undo, redo, hint and stop buttons doesn't work.
2. The game time settings doesn't do anything.
3. Sometimes, just sometimes, a black stone looks white, but resizing the window makes it black again.

Hey, it's a beta version...