Free software from Lyncon:
WarGup WarGaming games automatic update service Windows
Lyncon Metronome A nice little metronome and tune tone generator Windows
POF A POP3 client. Download your mail from any POP3 and append to a mailfolder Windows
Thereze An Othello program. Windows
IPtrans Translates IP package headers. Windows
Silent Runs Windows programs silently from the DOS prompt. The started programs will NOT display any forms or steal the focus. Perfect when using annoying Windows compilers. Run like this:
silent <command> <arguments>
StarCraft StarCraft Labyrinth Generator and maps. DOS
SmarTips Ett program för att skapa lite annorlunda stryktips-system. Windows
compfold.tgz Netscape mailfolder compression utility (including C source code) Unix
Cleanex 2003
A utility to tidy up after surfing
Windows A utility to test proxy configurations (IE, DHCP WPAD, DNS WPAD, PAC) Windows
Borland C++ Builder Borland C++ Builder components. Windows
Postfix Mailserver Backup How to set up Postfix mailserver backups when the ISPs has blocked outgoing traffic on port 25 (smtp)